Bass 1: Joel Gardner

Bass 2: Andrew "Shaggy Macleay

Bass 3: Chris Watson

Bass 4: Nick Ferzoco

Bass 5: Josh McCollum


Steve Kieffer

Sean McElroy​

Bobby Marino

Chris Butler

Andy Warntz

Axl Whitworth

From Left to Right:

Josh McCollum, Nick Ferzoco, Chris Watson, Andrew Macleay, Joel Gardner

and the Pursuit of Happiness

5th Place: 94.750

Appalachian Spring * American Elegy * Nitro * Round 4 * Vesuvius * Apollo Unleashed 

Watso waiting for warmup
Waiting for the snares
Subs with Sean
Shako and Drum
after finals 5 talking to Colin
after finals 3 with Sean
after finals 2
08 HB Shirt
1997 HB line at the reunion
After finals 6 talking to Colin
after finals 4 with sean
After finals 8 with Sean
After finals 7 with Colin
After finals 9 drums
after finals
Big Josh Inimidating
finals day ageout 2
finals day ageout 1
Drums with Shakos
Drums before lot
Bobby and Sean
Bobby and Watso
Big Josh
finals day ageout 4
finals day ageout 5
finals day ageout 3
finals day ageout 6
finals day ageout 7
finals day ageout 8
Finals day ageout talk
finals day chris 2
finals day nick
finals day joel
finals day joel 4
finals day joel 3
finals day joel 2
finals day drums
finals day chris
finals day chris 3
finals day shaggy
Finals day stack
Finals day with the stack 2
Finals day with the stack
Finals Day
finals lot 2 vis starting
Finals lot subs 3 Joel
Finals lot subs 4 Nick
Finals lot subs 12
Finals Lot subs 11 Shaggy
Finals lot subs 10
Finals lot subs 9 Joel
Finals lot subs 8
Finals lot subs 7
Finals lot subs 6
Finals lot subs 5
Finals lot subs 15 Chris
Finals lot subs 13
Finals lot subs 14
Finals lot subs 16
Finals lot subs 17
Finals lot subs 18
Finals lot subs 19
Finals lot subs 20
finals lot subs 28
finals lot subs 27
finals lot subs 26
finals lot subs 25
finals lot subs 24 turnout
finals lot subs 23
Finals lot subs 22
Finals lot subs 21 turnout
finals lot subs 29
Finals lot subs 30
finals lot subs 31
finals lot subs 32
finals lot subs 33
finals lot subs 34
finals lot subs 35
finals lot vis
Finals retreat 7 leaving
Finals retreat 6
Finals retreat 5
Finals retreat 4
Finals retreat 3 sean
Finals retreat 2 Sean
Finals lots subs
Finals lots subs 2
Finals retreat 8 leaving
Finals Retreat 9 left
Finals retreat 10 to lot
Finals retreat 11
finals retreat 12
finals retreat 13 drums
finals retreat 14 drums
Finals retreat 15 talk with director