Bass 1: Melanie Weiss

Bass 2: George Clements

Bass 3: Jared Yankwitt

Bass 4: Scott Uzarski

Bass 5: Neil DeLucca


Steve Kieffer

Sean McElroy​

From Left to Right:

George Clements, Melanie Weiss, Neil DeLucca, Scott Uzarski, Steve Kieffer, Jared Yankwitt

World Champions

Fred Sanford High Percussion

The Zone [Dreamscapes in Four Parts with a Door] 

1st Place: 99.150

Twisted Nerve (from Kill Bill) * Liquid * Overture to a New World (from Dancer in the Dark) * Cvalda (from Dancer in the Dark) * Vertigo * False Mirrors  

Victory Run
Corps picture
High Percussion
Neil at Macy's Parade
HB with the stack
HB 2005
Finals Wakeup
Finals Lot
05 with Kieffer
05 Warmup
05 drum at yamaha warehouse 2
05 drum at yamaha warehouse 1
05 drum at yamaha warehouse 3
05 Finals Bass Stack
05 crew