Bass 1: Andy Warntz

Bass 2: Mike "MJ" Jackson

Bass 3: Kevin Kifer

Bass 4: John "Deacon" Gillilan

Bass 5: John "Axl" Whitworth


Steve Kieffer

Joe Reichert

From Left to Right:

Andy Warntz, Mike Jackson, Kevin Kifer, John Gillilan, Axl Whitworth


2nd Place: 97.600  

 Celebration * Year of the Dragon  

97 bass line
West Chester with David Rice DCI Photographer
West Chester
warm up
Staged pad sectional pic or real pad sectional, we'll never know
Spring Training 10
Spring Training
Spring training 8
spring training 9
spring training 6
spring training 7
spring training 4
spring training 5
spring training 3
Spring training 2
Retreat 2
post show encore
parade warmup
On the field 6
on the field
on the field 5
on the field 4
on the field 3
On the field 2
Montreal Corps Song
Oh no Andy's not in the center
Kieffer on tour video
Kevin 2
Goofy dudes
HB 1997
Finals retreat playing on the corps
Full corps pic
Finals retreat playing on the corps 2
Finals day rehearsal
Finals day rehearsal 3
Finals day rehearsal 4
Finals day rehearsal 2
Fast and Blury
early season10
Early Season
Early season 12
early season 11
early season 8
early season 9
early season 7
early season 6
early season 4
early season 5
early season 2
early season 3
David Rice Christmas Card
Bass Stack
banquet weekend
andy retreat
Andy MJ and Pup Pup
Andy Warmup
Andy destroyed another head 3
Andy Destroyed another head
Andy destroyed another head 2
andy after finals 2
Andy after finals
ageout ceremony 3
ageout ceremony
always laughing
after performing
ageout ceremony 2
After finals
after performing 2
1997 drum shorts